Yes! Progress Not Perfection

We are working our way toward the coast, and of course some birding there, and then onward and upward. This morning I am writing from a little caravan park in Dalby, QLD, where I awoke to a chilly 4 C (about 39 F) after an evening of rain. But all is well and I am grateful.

Travel times must be adjusted for life and Matilda's pace. Slow is okay...

Yesterday morning as we packed up Matilda I noticed a crack in her windshield. As the day progressed, the crack grew (as they do), so we found the location of a windscreen replacement place on the Internet. The guy and his wife (she runs the office) could not have been nicer. Since it was going to take an hour or more, he offered us his truck to drive to the shops! So we ran a couple errands in this guy’s little Hilux, returned and Matilda has a shiny new windscreen. Yay. I am very grateful.

This type of traveling is the perfect example of “progress not perfection.” That is a saying I learned long ago, but that still remains true for living a genuine life. I have mentioned comfort zones before and they will be reduced, bent, modified, and stretched as we go along. They must be. We are in the process of travel and in process ourselves. This is growth and this is life. We are living. At times it is not easy, but... I. Am. Grateful.

Scaly-breasted Lorikeets greeted us on our arrival at this park. Not a lifer for either of us, but a sweet bird and new for the year. I got a few photos between the rain storms. I am grateful.
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet... I love parrots.

Has an itch...
Here are a few more bird photos from the last several days. Stay tuned, I will keep y’all posted.
Restless Flycatcher on nest in Bowra
Blue Bonnet... look how its body color matches the ground. 
Those blue wings are gorgeous in flight!   
Brown Honeyeater, beautiful in its simplicity. 
Variegated Fairy-wren... just beautiful (as Fairy-wrens tend to be).

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.