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Live as best you can, while you can, and any way that you want.

Life has to be short, but it should not have to suck.


Author ~ Singer/songwriter ~ Artist ~ birder

A Note From R. Bruce…

I am a semi-retired entertainer. Performing as R. Bruce, I made my living as an internationally touring comedian and singer/songwriter. I released three albums of my humorous songs that are still receiving airplay, particularly on satellite radio in North America. I became an avid birder rather late in life and it is quite a passion for me.

I currently live in Lara, Victoria, Australia with my wife Lynn. This puts me near my stepchildren and grandchildren who live in the Melbourne region. My Troopi shares the driveway of this tiny house with a Prius, all things in balance.

As I write this short blurb for the website in May 2018, I have just returned from the Birdsville Track and finding the elusive Grey Grasswren. That was my 700th bird in Australia. I then continued to Lake Gilles, SA and saw a pair of Copperback Quail-thrush to make it 701. My adventures will continue and I will continue to write about them.

I write primarily for myself. I also write to share with anyone who cares to read what I write. Or in the case of my songs, listen to what I have written. I do enjoy sharing life and experiences. For me sharing is an integral part of living. If you have read my book, or seen me perform my songs, you have pretty much met me.

Cheers from Oz,



the year

It was more than spending a year travelling and birdwatching across Australia. It was the journey of a lifetime. This is the book about that journey.

The more my heart is spread out across this amazing country, the more heart I have. It is not like my heart gets divided up into smaller and smaller pieces between all of these many places. It is like I have more and more heart. For every piece I leave in another spot, that piece is added to, not taken from, my heart. 

I have said, “I write, therefore I am.” Truth. I read my own words and think about what I have written and that can make things real for me, for a moment. Such is my brain.

I also openly share many of my ups and downs on social media. If I help one person realise that there is indeed an "up" possible when it seems like the "down" is endless, then it is worth being that open. And yes, that person is sometimes me.

 Kenn Kaufman on The Year....

“The story is superb and the descriptions of birds, places and people are all original and engaging, and I love the asides and the wise and imaginative comments that Bruce works in on just about every page. The little asides that he tosses in are all gems and they add to the value and charm of the book. I love the story, I love Bruce’s unique perspective on every topic, and I would like to make sure I get that point across.” - Kenn Kaufman, Kingbird Highway, Kaufman Field Guide Series


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