Keep Calm And Keep A List


I was thinking about keeping a list of birds that we have seen at the caravan parks. I dismissed the idea. Although we have seen some wonderful birds at these parks, we do not need another list. We have quite enough lists, thank you. I am working on my Life List and Lynn is now working on hers. We are also keeping a year list (from 20 August) because it would be silly not to do so. Even though we have no designs on a real “Big Year” we want to see our total after our year of traveling (birding) the continent. I am grateful for whatever our number ends up being.

Listing is personal. If you do it, how you do it, why you do it, when you do it, where you do it, is all up to you! Birders who are going for an official big year, are agreeing to some constraints to be considered “official,” but the average twitcher makes their own list by the rules they choose. I will never judge another’s list. I do not count heard-only birds in Australia on my life list and I do in the US. That’s my decision. I enjoy my list, it let’s me know when I can have lifer pie. I am grateful.

Yes, Lifer Pie. The tradition born in northwest Ohio in the USA, is spreading to Australia. It is the celebration of seeing a Life Bird by having a slice of pie. Although it could be cake, or ice cream, champagne, or chips and gravy, anything celebratory and indulgent that you consider a treat, but it is still called, Lifer Pie. It is like your list. You make the rules. I do not have Lifer Pie after every lifer in a new region (I’ve lost about forty pounds and I am not going back to the big kilt), but I do every so often and I am very grateful.

Speaking of caravan park lists, we had a lovely Australasian Figbird in this one yesterday afternoon and I took his photo. To me, they look as if they are wearing little red masquerade masks. I am grateful.
Australasian Figbird at the caravan park.
A common, but lovely bird... 

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.