You Magnificent Bustard I Wrote Your Blog!

After biding farewell to the morning Red-winged Parrots at the caravan park, we packed up Matilda and hit the highway.

Red-winged gorgeousness
We topped off the petrol tank in town (no LPG auto-gas in Cunnamulla… this is proving to be an issue) and headed east. Bear in mind that the day before yesterday, Lynn, Robert and I drove over 100 kilometers around the area looking for Australian Bustards and never saw a one.

I need to set my trip odometer every time I fill up because Matilda’s fuel gauge is old and sometimes forgets what she is doing. It drops down to Empty when it is still almost full, so I can't really count on it. Therefore I knew that we were exactly 5 kilometers outside of town when I yelled, BUSTARD! And there was a beautiful, magnificent, Australian Bustard standing on the road. Actually, there were four total. I stopped. We looked. We got another lifer. I got a few photos and didn’t get run over on the highway. So much for which to be grateful!

Australian Bustard, Ardeotis australis Magnificent...
Australian Bustard, Ardeotis australis
Australian Bustard, Ardeotis australis
After taking care of a few things, we are now plugged in at a small, but nice caravan park in St. George, QLD. While running errands, we saw Blue-faced Honeyeaters on a nest in front of the hospital. They are such cool and beautiful birds. I am grateful for them indeed. Now for a quiet night of editing (and much deleting) of photos, or something. As you can imagine, right now I am writing. I had not planned on doing another blog so soon, but the Bustards were magnificent and I was really grateful. So here you go! Stay tuned…

Blue-faced Honeyeater and nest.
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