Inskip Point, QLD

We arrived at Inskip Point Saturday about 9am and birded it hard through the afternoon. We were back at it 6:30 Sunday morning until we reached “searching for button-quail burn out” about noon. We did not find any.

It is school holidays and that means there are people everywhere. It did not make for the best birding conditions, but we had fun. Amongst the screaming, running, yelling children and the roaring, rumbling massive four-wheel-drives catching the ferry to Fraiser Island, there were no quail to be found. I think during school holidays, Black-breasted Button-quail vacation somewhere quiet inland. We had a lovely time regardless and I am very grateful. We added some birds to the year list and I got two lifers: Fairy Gerygone and Mangrove Honeyeater.
Fairy Gerygone, cute as!

Mangrove Honeyeater

I love this look he is giving me. 
Little Shrike-thrush, new for the year.
Noisy Friarbird just because they are cool.
Lynn's lifer Red-backed Fairy-wren (black and backlit is a bad photo combo).
Not sure what is happening here, but it makes an interesting photo.
Lynn's lifer Shining Bronze-cuckoo in a more dignified pose.
An immature Brown Honeyeater 
Yes, were were at the seashore! Here's an Eastern Curlew.
This lovely Varied Triller was new on the year list.
I did really like the place and hope to visit it again on the way back down from Cape York in a month or so. I know the BBBQ are in there somewhere. Just a bit south of the point, in between Dorrigo and Natone campgrounds, we saw lots of seemingly fresh platelets (the holes that they scratch in the leaf litter).

Just a few of scores of platelets that we saw between the campgrounds (but no dang quail).
Next we stopped at the Byeimn Picnic area that is mentioned in Tim Dolby’s book and blog. Lynn and I both got a lifer with the Wompoo Friut-dove! I saw a bird fly across high up in the canopy and managed to get on it. Lynn also got her lifer-leech. I think leeches are sort of a right of passage for birders. They are creepy, but I far prefer them to ticks.

Wompoo Fruit-dove high over head. They are gorgeous! (this photo not withstanding).
I had my “Lifer Pie” treat of fish and chips last night and today we may just have a laundry day here in Maryborough before moving on. We will see and I will keep you posted. I am grateful.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.