Cassowary Love

I am editing and culling photos of yet another of my most favorite birds in the world, Southern Cassowaries. Saturday afternoon we saw a dad with four youngin’s on the way to Etty Bay and then we watched a female wander through the caravan park here. I took their photos and I am grateful!
Southern Cassowary, dad and the kids (there are four).             
The fourth... he doesn't keep up well and is a little special I think.
I absolutely love this wonderfully bizarre bird. It is a dinosaur. It looks like Jim Henson created it. The colors on the neck and wattles look fake. The feathers look like hair and it has a “horn” on its head! Damn. I have a difficult time deleting photos of these magnificent birds. I reckon I will somehow choose just a few for the blog.
Southern Cassowary (F) she is a wild Cassowary but she hangs around the caravan park. Regardless of all the signs asking them not to do so, people do feed them.

I love this bird.
I think she is being flirty.
As you might have heard, their feet can be a dangerous weapon.
We also stopped and looked at the Golden Gumboot in Tully, QLD. It is the rainiest spot in Oz. And yes, it was raining. Lynn took my photo standing at the top of the boot. 

Then I had a lot of fun photographing Metallic Starlings, the most beautiful Starlings I have ever seen. I saw them in FNQ 5 years ago, but that was in March and they were not in this fine breeding plumage. Their psychedelic iridescence is wondrous. I hope the camera captured it at least somewhat. Bearing in mind that it was raining and overcast, I cannot image what they must look like in bright sun! I am grateful.

Metallic Starlings... gorgeous

I now I have some internet here in Port Douglas, QLD and will post this. But first… I am going for a bird-walk around this caravan park.
And now I am back and I want to get this posted! I am so grateful (I got 3 life birds today, but that is another blog and it may be a while. Tomorrow we go to Kingfisher Lodge and I am grateful and excited!).

I will leave you with a Crimson Finch that seems a bit "chesty" to me. She really does appear to have cleavage.
At least it's a Finch and not a Tit.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.