We are in Far North Queensland or FNQ as it is called. After just one night at Etty Bay with its incredible views of the water and even views of the wondrous Southern Cassowary, we headed on. It is school holidays and that caravan park was a circus of feral children and noisy adults (it really wasn’t that bad, just tiny sites and very crowded).

A bit too crowded for us. 
But the views were gorgeous, even in the rain.
We headed up to have a look at the Esplanade in North Cairns for the Mangrove Robin and we got it! Thank you again, Anne! I am indeed grateful. It is a delightful little robin and we found it in amongst the mangroves looking beautiful in its shady home.
Mangrove Robin in the mangroves, as it should be.

Then we had a look at the flats. And there were waders, they are the reason God made telescopes. We got ours out and soon we had two more life birds in the Greater Sand Plover and the Great Knot. Yes it was great! And I am grateful!
                   Greater Sand Plover                         
Great Knot
We continued on the insanely gorgeous drive up the coast and we are now in a very nice caravan park just outside of Port Douglas, QLD. It’s nice, but nice in sort of a golf course kind of way. It does have excellent amenities! We also saw a lovely pair of Bush Stone-curlews. The male was lying flat about ten meters from where the female was (we think) sitting on eggs. We did not disturb them, but I made their photos. There was also a Yellow Oriole above us as we walked back to Matilda, a new bird on the trip list. I am grateful.
Ms Bush Stone-curlew on eggs we think. 
Mr. Bush Stone-curlew lying flat and being invisible, but not far from the Mrs. 
Yellow Oriole 
Today we head to Kingfisher Lodge. I am quite excited and grateful. Stay tuned, I will keep y’all posted as best I can. We do love having y'all along.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.