Matty In The Palms (Crystal Creek Caravan Park)

It is 4:30 Saturday morning and I am enjoying my coffee. We have spent two nights here with Matilda tucked into the palms. She has her awning out and has been resting. God knows we have pushed her hard over the last few weeks (Eungella was above and beyond). So she got to chill.
Matty amongst the palms
The awning is out, "camp" is set up and Matilda is relaxing (Lynn looks comfortable too).
Getting up before five is about normal for me nowadays and I like it. I am grateful. Thursday was quite a Lifer day. Anne Collins told us about a Brown-backed Honeyeater in a park that was just off our route. True to form, she was spot-on. We went to the park, walked to the spot, saw the bird and were back on the road in about ten minutes time. Tick. I am grateful!
Brown-backed Honeyeater
In the early afternoon we arrived here at Crystal Creek Caravan Park, which was another of Anne’s suggestions. She even made us a Google map of what she had seen where. Following her “bird treasure map,” we soon had White-browed Robin (tick), Lovely Fair-wren (tick) and Spectacled Monarch (tick for Lynn). We returned to Matilda to find Hornbill Friarbirds overhead (a split from Helmeted, so another tick for us both) and then after supper, I saw a small honeyeater. We watched it (and heard it) and it was a Yellow-spotted Honeyeater. I had my fifth life bird of the day. I am grateful!

Ms Lovely Fairy-wren. I love her.

Mr. Lovely Fairy-wren. They are not easy to photograph.

White-browed Robin     
Hornbill Friarbird, a different kind of beautiful. 


We had Lifer Pie in the form of fancy ice cream on a stick. Mine was Salted-caramel Macadamia and it was pure yum! Yesterday was a quiet kind of day birding around the campground. Lynn also did laundry and some tiding up of Matilda and I truly am grateful.
Varied Triller and a very unfortunate Praying Mantis.
Hello, Ladies... like what I have done to the place? (A Great Bowerbird's bower). 
Dusky Honeyeater and flower. 
Olive-backed Oriole 
Spectacled Monarch
A flock of Red-tailed Black-cockatoos flew over the park in the early evening. 
Yes, this is an excellent little spot. We will return. I am grateful. 

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.