WTP Yeah You Know Me

I know the WTP and it knows me. The WTP is the Western Treatment Plant in Werribee, Victoria. I am by no means the master of this birding nirvana, in my opinion Steven Davidson deserves that title as much as anyone could. But it is my favorite place to bird in the world and I know it pretty well. If I had to choose a spot as my Home Patch, this is it. I was back there for a few hours yesterday and I am grateful.

Lynn and me at Gate 8 of the WTP. We didn't even go into that section as we ran out of time. 
It was chilly.
I’ve stated that once I have shrugged off this mortal coil, I would like my ashes scattered at the Western Treatment Plant. I have been assured by my loving family that someone will flush me down a toilet in Melbourne and I will indeed end up there. Seriously, I love the place. It is where I became a birder. I can trace the beginnings of my real birding passion and enthusiasm back to an afternoon at the WTP in early 2009. That is awesome. I am so very grateful.

Young Whistling Kites messing about.
A couple of Great Cormorants sharing a tree with Little Black Cormorants.
We had some good birds yesterday, nothing unusual, but all very wonderful. The best bird of the day was just before we began. A pair of Gang Gang Cockatoos flew right over us as I was loading the car. I heard them calling first. Their squawking sounds like twisting an inflated balloon only really loud. So the Little Big Year list began on 20 August 2015 with a modest (considering where we were) 52 species. We birded the joy of the birds, the list being secondary. That is my intent for this year, but we will see.
Banded Lapwing adult hanging out in the paddock on Beach Road.
Three Banded Lapwing chicks in the paddock.
Black Swan cygnets by mom or dad's ruffly back end.
Black Swan and cygnets
I love Zebra Finches.
Zebra Finches
Zebra Finch spill on aisle four...
Somewhere beyond cute there is a land where Zebra Finches live...

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.