Being Granddaddy (No Birds Were Seen In This Blog)

Yesterday was exhausting and exhilarating. No, I was not chasing some awesome birds through the brush. I was in the house being ridden, pulled, pushed, sat upon, climbed upon and delighted by some of my grandchildren. Grateful much? Indeed I am, with all my heart.

William, my two year old youngest grandchild was doing some serious digging in the sandbox. Emily, Delilah and I played a lot of Hide and Seek. Incredibly we played this game in mostly three rooms, one of which was a bathroom (difficult to hide in, although Delilah managed to lie in the tub in such a way that I did not see her). She is the master of this game. She can fit herself inside a shelf for heavens sake!
She begins to emerge from the shelf. 
Emily and I drew pictures of the shells for a while, but the most fun was just playing pretend. We pretended the floor was lava again. That is always fun and you get three lives, but you can be alive again and get three more. I will not go into the details of the rules. Delilah makes them up as we play. As I have said many times, “She is the boss of me.” And really, I am grateful.

Emily drawing pictures of some of the shells.
At the end of the day, we all had a delightful dinner at the local pub. I split my usual parma, a savory indulgence called the English Spuddy (a parma with a layer of mash over the top and gravy on the side) with my grandson, Judah. That made for a fully satisfying meal without the “oh-my-god how did I eat that whole thing” feeling that I usually have after one. I am very grateful. It was a wonderful day. I am a birder, singer of silly songs and a few other assorted things, but I do dearly love being granddaddy.

Delilah and Granddaddy dressed for the pub.
Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.