Circle of Love

I know this is a bit “hippie-dippie,” but there is a core of friends which we sometimes refer to as the Tribe. This core for me is based mostly in birders, musicians and other artistic oddballs. Surrounding this core is also a wonderful circle of friends that I may not know quite as well, or be quite as close to, but they are here in my heart as well.

I love these people because they are real. They are genuine. They are living who they are. Some may not be working at their dream jobs, or living their ideal lifestyles right at this moment, but they are genuine. They are real and we really like each another. This is the circle of friends, the circle of love. I feel it wherever I am on this planet. And I am so grateful.
And we were here above the clouds just a couple of hours from Oz with the sun rising on tomorrow. 
If I were a talented cartoonist, I would draw Lynn and me waiting in the seating area of an airport gate with a huge group of sort-of “ghost figures” gathered around us, supporting us, caring about us, loving us. They (y’all) truly are there with us in spirit. I have written about Far-Close Friends, this is all part of that same connection and love. I am grateful for this above all things.

Life has some strange, often bizarre, occasionally heartbreaking changes to throw in our paths. Yet things are the way they’re supposed to be. And I am so grateful that we have ended up a part of this Community, this Tribe, this Circle of Love.

Yes, you have all been with us and will continue to be with us in my thoughts and my heart on this journey. We learned that the Qantas flight from Dallas to Sydney is the longest non-stop flight in the world and it is on the largest commercial airplane in the world. So there was no problem accommodating our Circle of Love! I am grateful beyond words. So I will stop writing now.
After more than 15 hours, we are finally getting close to Oz.
Closer... and we still have to fly from Sydney to Melbourne and then drive to Torquay.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.