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It was going to be about two hours tops. There is nothing in my world that makes time pass more quickly than birding. Lynn too has also remarked how quickly time goes by during this, my favorite of all outdoor activities. In our busy weekend it seemed we could take a couple of hours for a quick pop over and have a look along Point Wilson Rd. A friend had seen Purple-crowned Lorikeets there recently and had gotten some amazing, eye-level photos. I figured it was worth a “quick” look-see.
Point Wilson Road (technically Twenty Nine Mile Rd off the end of Pt. Wilson but you get the idea).
No Lorikeets were seen, but it was delightful. Point Wilson Rd. runs along the edge of the WTP so you know I was in my Happy Place (one of them anyway). I was not on a photo quest. There will be tons of photos to be taken in the coming months. I did take a few during the two hours that grew into, let’s be honest, three hours. I mean… I had to stop and look at how much the Banded Lapwing chicks had grown in just three days! They are easily half again as big! They are cute as and I am grateful. Here are a few photos...
Mr. Red-rumped Parrot 
Mr. Red-rumped Parrot
Mr. Flame Robin 
Brown Falcon leaving
Beautiful immature Black Kite
immature Black Kite (not very black is he?)
He was eating something small off the road. We never did see what, probably some sort of insect
I love Banded Lapwings and their children. 
Banded Lapwings and one of their growing kids.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.