A Very Special Bird

I have written about special birds before. Not a nemesis bird; that is a different species altogether. This is a special bird that you have wanted to see for a long time and for more reasons than it just being a cool, beautiful life bird. I saw one of my Special Birds yesterday and I am grateful!

I first got into birding here in Australia in early 2009. My Australian son-in-law, Rob also did some birding and when we were visiting them in Melbourne (without our own car back then) he would tell me tales of a wondrous, mystical land called, Chiltern. It was not really far away, yet it held such wonders as the Turquoise Parrot and… the legendary, endangered, yellow-black-and-white magnificence that is known as the Regent Honeyeater. In my opinion, this is God’s own Honeyeater. Although sadly at one time it was called the Warty-faced Honeyeater. I trust whoever named it that was drummed out of the animal naming business never to insult another living creature. So to me, the Regent Honeyeater represents my birding beginnings as well as being a wicked cool honeyeater. I am grateful for it.

As Matilda is being tweeked for our coming journeys, we drove the Prius up to Chiltern Monday afternoon. We arrived in the area where we were to look for the birds the following morning with Dean Ingwersen of Birdlife Australia. And regardless of the 20% chance in the forecast, it was pissing down rain. Lynn and I gave it a good go and spent well over an hour squishing around and not seeing Regents. So we packed it in then had a lovely night with friends in Rutherglen (fifteen minutes from Chiltern).
Raining, getting dark, and I am following BSBO!
The next morning we were back in the Box-ironbark forest to meet Dean. And in just a few minutes, the man I have come to call the “Regent Honeyeater Whisperer” was pointing out a beautiful pair of Regent Honeyeaters. I was, and am, very grateful. Thank you Dean!
The Lifer-Selfie with Lynn and Dean!
Almost ready to go off into the forest... again... in the rain.
Regent Honeyeater!
The flashes of yellow when they fly are gorgeous! 
I love this bird.

A Very Special Bird indeed.
We saw a total of six Regents. We watched two pairs as well as observing a female constructing a nest! We also met a lovely young lady from the UK who is working on her Doctorate on their breeding patterns. It was a glorious morning. And yes, it continued to rain although not very hard and I was able to have the camera out and grab some recording shots. I will definitely be back, hopefully next autumn on a sunny day and I’ll get a few more photos. BUT don’t get me wrong, I am happy as the proverbial clam that I got these and that I saw the birds. I am very grateful!

The markings on their backs are so beautiful.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.