We've Only Just Begun

(Sorry for the Carpenters earworm) but we have just barely started. We are in Matilda for the first time in a real caravan park. We are in Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road. This is our two-night test camp. I am grateful.

The first of many places Matilda will be camped.
Power: it's what makes the heater work.
The heating and cooling device and some books.
There’s been a lot to be grateful for lately. The kind of grateful that often gets missed, I mean the coming together of things in fortuitous ways. For example, my car guy has an auto electric guy that he wanted to look-over Matilda’s power systems. He found some inadequate wiring and two non-functioning pieces of equipment that would otherwise have been missed (and created real problems). Then when the transformer he installed proved to be too small, he drove down from Melbourne on Saturday to switch it out for a larger one. Yes, on a Saturday.

He also suggested a cabinetmaker who could cut a board for me (a board on the back bed needed replacing). Julian, the cabinet maker, ended up making that board for us, as well doing a beautiful job of cutting down our too large oval table into a more usable rectangle. And he made a cover to fit over the sink. This all worked out because my car guy has an electric guy, who knew this woodworking guy. I am grateful.
The new sized table and on the left the corner of the sink cover, good stuff.
So, we are in process (and that is life, yes?). We are learning how all this works. We are learning that we have way too much “stuff,” and not enough data on our mobile plan. We are learning that two 60-somethings can fit (and possibly) sleep together on an undersized, double bed after years of Queensize and Kingsize beds. We are learning many things and I am grateful.

We have no idea what we're doing.
Wow. I just watched a small mob of about 6 Kangaroos playing (punching each other and kicking, but it looked like in good fun) behind a volleyball net. When you see Kangaroos playing on your way to brush your teeth. Your day can’t suck. I am grateful.
I walked over to take their photo after I wrote about them. They are just lazing around now. 
Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.