Arriving In The Land Down Under, The Land Down Under

Tasmania. I could live here. I love this place! That is also how I felt about FNQ and Cape York too. Travel is best for me as I have too many places that I would like to live. I am grateful for all of these places and for the ones I have yet to see!

We had a truly easy ride across the Bass Strait and we arrived at 6am Monday morning in Tassie. After finally getting off the ferry (last group off) we headed down and then over to Scamander on the east coast to have a look for a Sanderling.

With the "Big Smoke" way in the background we head for Tassie on the Spirit of Tasmania.
Tassie. It's 5:25am and why do I know? Because you can't get coffee until 5:30!
Coming into Devonport.
There had been one or two Sanderlings reported there a week or so ago. We had excellent directions to the sand spit area and were soon out in the wind searching amongst the scores of Red-necked Stints for a larger, greyer one. After about an hour up and down around the beach (with the wind almost blowing the scope over and our eyes watering), I said, “Just keep looking for one that looks different… like that one there!” And sure enough, the third “stint” in from the end was a Sanderling. There were actually two. I was, and am very grateful!

One of these is not like the others (it was now the 5th from the end).
The pair of Sanderlings, one was banded. I reported it.

The lagoon area at Scamander, TAS. The Sanderling were around further on the right on a large sand spit. Lynn is looking at terns. There were both Fairy and Little there.   
We continued down the east coast of Tasmania toward our friend’s home by Hobart. The views along the coast are legend and rightfully so. We had gorgeous weather and stopped often to drink in the gorgeousness. Lynn took quite a few photos and posted them to facebook. I am grateful. I only took a couple.
Does not do it justice... incredible beauty.
A young couple insisted on taking our photo rather than us doing a selfie.
We spent a lovely evening with the Collins in their home in Hobart and spent the next day birding with them. But that will be the next blog. So much to share, so little time… I am grateful!

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.