Genuine Granddaddy

I never knew my grandfathers, but I had two grandmothers who loved me. One was in Wisconsin and I did not see her very often at all, yet even as a little child, I knew that she loved me. My other grandmother lived next door to us and was the true source of nurturing in my younger years. I was certainly not mistreated by my parents, but I was often ignored. “Emotionally neglected” would not be far off the mark, but I had it great compared to many. And I did have my Nana and I am very grateful.

Nana. Pure love. She was way into her 90's here. She was born 1 January 1890. She was 13 years old when the Wright Brothers invented the airplane, then she saw men walk on the moon. Incredible.
I never really knew what my heart was capable of until I was a granddaddy. At this point in time, I reckon I am closest to my fourth grandchild. Many of you already know her as Angel Face. I have known her since she was just over a year old. I have always tried to be the granddaddy that I would have liked to have had. She seems ok with how I am doing. We have a lot of fun and I enjoy her company more than that of many adults. I am truly grateful.

Taken yesterday at her school
I have six grandchildren here. That is a lot and they are spread out amongst three families. They are all precious to me, but I cannot be with them as often as I would like. It is logistically impossible. So of course I see some more than others and that will ebb and flow as they age, and our travels continue. I am grateful for every one of them.
My youngest grandchild... they are toy binoculars, but a granddaddy can dream, can't he?
My next to youngest grandchild drawing with her granddaddy (I was an art major).
I am mostly grateful that I can be with them at all. I am grateful that I can show them by example, what I consider to be a genuine life. I place myself on NO pedestal, far, far, far from that. But I have chosen and, with some success, walked a path different than most. Particularly as I have grown older and wiser (it happens) I have learned the true value of living genuinely. If I can live that for my grandchildren, and let them see what that looks like, I will have been as good a granddaddy as I aspire to be. And for that I will be more grateful than I am capable of putting into words.

I wish you all joy with your loved ones. Blood does not make a family any more than brick and mortar make a home. Family is love. May yours flow openly and genuinely between you and those you love.

Birds. Peace. Love. Friends. Family.