Being Real And Grateful

When we were picking up Troopy at the car yard last week (and transferred the soul and essence of Matilda into her), I had a black spot and floaters appear in the bottom vision of my left eye. It scared me. A lot.

A very long story sort of short… I went to an optometrist, then later a hospital and the next morning, an eye surgeon. I had a small, but very neat tear in my retina. He lasered the edges of it and set up a return appointment for a week later. I went to him yesterday and was given an all clear on the healing progress. There are floaters and blurring issues to deal with, BUT all is well with my retina! I am so, so, so grateful.

I did not want to write about this in here until I had some sort of resolution in sight (accidental pun, but not a bad one). I just wanted to go on with what we were doing, and that is what we did. We got some great birds too! However, during that week following the laser surgery, my anxiety stayed at an insanely high level as the blurriness and floaters continued and even increased. I do have my issues with anxiety and not writing about it is not being genuine. Sometimes the happy-face selfie has a scared inside and that's real too.

So now I am sharing this and sharing my massive, deep felt relief and gratitude that things turned out as they did. Taking care of something like that as you are traveling can be difficult, but we were able to do so thanks to the help and support of our wonderful friends. It all came together quickly and it was taken care of and I am so very grateful (and I can now really and truly rejoice in Troopy!).

Yes, our adventure continues… full on and amongst it!
The evening of the "all's well" appointment... My girl, my Troopy, my gratitude.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.