Back In Deniliquin Again

We first birded Deniliquin, NSW last February. When we heard that Phil Maher, “the Plains Wanderer whisperer” (as I just thought of calling him), had the Sunday following our return from Norfolk Island open, we got in touch again. There were several birds out there that we hoped to get on the year list (and maybe a couple on our life lists). We arranged to meet Phil in Deniliquin on Sunday the 15th. I had the eye issue (read the blog before this one), but we headed on inland to meet Phil. Except for my pretty full-on anxiety, it was wonderful birding. I will let the photos and captions tell most of the tale. I am grateful! (And I do LOVE Plains Wanderers).
Superb Parrot looking its name...

Tawny Frogmouth and chick. 
The other parent Tawny Frogmouth, I think it is the mom.
Grey-crowned Babblers with nest material.
Australian Owlet-nightjar
Grey-crowned Babbler with more stuff
Lynn's lifer Baillon's Crake peeking through the reeds.
The closest I have ever gotten to a Blue Bonnet
Loved the expression...
Australian Pratincole 
Banded Lapwing (love their goggles).
My first lifer of the day, Orange Chat. He was SO orange!

An adolescent Banded Lapwing
My second lifer of the day, Inland Dotterel. I was very happy to see these birds!

Pedionomus torquatus, the Plains Wanderer... I love them. 
Mr. Plains Wanderer
One of my very favorite birds. We were able to walk and find them, rather than driving and spotlighting. These were taken in just the light of a hand-held torch. It was wonderful.
The sun setting in Plains Wanderer territory.
Following our day and evening with Phil, we needed to head back over to the coast. He suggested we go by way of Binya State Forest where he thought we’d have a good chance at Painted Honeyeater. So we spontaneously changed our routing and reserved a cabin in Leeton for Monday evening. We arrived at Binya about 1:30pm and it only took us about fifteen minutes to locate a beautiful pair of the Painted Honeyeaters. I was, and am, very grateful.
Painted Honeyeater! Not an easy bird (for me anyway) but it was there in Binya.

Our pal, Robert had strongly suggested we have a look at Fivebough Wetlands in Leeton. Phil had also mentioned it. Driving in, we saw the wetlands entrance just 2 kilometers from the cabin. After a bit of a rest, we went over to have a look. We walked to the Bittern Birdhide (that is really its name) and as we reached it, I saw an Australasian Bittern flying low across the wetlands. We both got great looks and I managed some recording shots. Sweet! I am grateful!

Australasian Bittern! 

So here we are now in a little motel room behind the pub in Jamberoo, NSW. We had an excellent morning yesterday at Barren Grounds, but that is another blog. I am so very grateful for so much. I will keep writing (and taking some pictures too) and will do my best to share all this with y'all.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.