The Pot Of Gold

It began raining and it rained on and off, but it was still another wonderful ride along the Daintree River with Sauce. I highly recommend him to any birders coming up to FNQ. His webpage is Daintree River Wild Watch. I will keep in touch with him and will definitely see him again.

After leaving the dock, we almost immediately picked up Lynn’s lifer Azure Kingfisher. It’s a magically gorgeous small kingfisher, and in the low, early morning light it posed on a snag. I am grateful.

Azure Kingfisher
Then we headed downriver predominately to look for Great-billed Herons and we found a pair! They are like the North American Great Blue Heron in size, but far less common. We heard the male calling (croaking) and soon we were watching him perched in a tree over the water. 

Male Great-billed Heron calling.
Great-billed Heron

As Sauce moved the boat past him to try for a different angle, we saw the second (a female) in the tree in front of us. She was watching something in the foliage of the tree. We watched her for quite a while, hoping to see her grab whatever she was watching (probably a snake) but she never did and as time marched on, we reluctantly had to leave her.

Female Great-billed Heron
As we left the dock, the rain made a rainbow on the ground across the river. Sometimes you are already “in” the pot of gold. I love this place and I will return.
Being in the Pot of Gold... deeper meanings and living life. I am so grateful.
We packed up and drove just a little down the coast yesterday afternoon, stopping in Newell Beach at a lovely little caravan park on the sea. Last night we had supper with a delightful lady who Robert had met while he was birding down here (she is visiting Newell Beach). Lynn and I both really enjoyed her company. We exchanged information and we will keep in touch! So yet again, birds are leading us to wonderful places and wonderful people. I am so very grateful. I truly am.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.