Catching Up And Some Photos

This is a catch-up blog with pictures. We got to Cairns Tuesday evening and being tired, we just headed into a caravan park there. It was a nice one, but rather soulless as the large, “holiday parks” tend to be. Wednesday produced a life bird for Lynn and me, the Nutmeg Mannikin (or Scaly-breasted Munia as eBird weirdly calls it). And later that evening, Lynn got her lifer Terrick Sandpiper from the Esplanade. I am grateful

Nutmeg Mannikins
Terrick Sandpiper, I wish all waders were as easily recognizable.
Thursday morning at Centenary Lakes in Cairns we saw some lovely birds… no lifers, but sweet birds and an awesome bat. Then at Cattana Wetlands, we finally (finally for me anyway) found a Brush Cuckoo. It flew and called, flew and called and perched briefly. It is a bird I have looked for for a long time. I am grateful.
Olive-backed Sunbird 
Green Pigmy-Goose 
Straw-necked Ibis posing, so I had to take its photo.
Fan-tailed Cuckoo. One day I will get a photo of the Brush.
Radjah Shelduck gorgeousness
Cicadabird, male
A lovely Brown-backed Honeyeater

Some sort of Flying Fox bat, but it looked more like a flying puppy.
We decided to do a Daintree River trip with “Sauce” (that is his nickname- his last name is Worcester, great guy) in hopes of a Black Bittern. He had only seen one twice in the last three weeks. But we went out with him Friday morning and within half an hour of leaving the dock, I said, “Bittern!” There was a beautiful Black Bittern standing amongst the grasses and reeds on the bank. It flew out and down the river and we all had great views. We followed him and the second time we saw him, I even got a couple of recording photos as he flew. It was a delightful morning. I am grateful.

Black Bittern! 

So today, Saturday morning 17 October, we are still in the magical tiny town of Daintree Village at a great little caravan park. We have been invited to go out with Sauce again this morning (rain permitting). We will see. I will keep y’all posted.
Here's a shot of Lynn, Sauce and me on his boat. I really liked him and look froward to seeing him again!

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.