Highway Lifers

I learned something today and I got two lifers. That is a damn good day. 

I learned that it is okay to drive slowly, especially in Matilda on these 110 kph, two lane highways. She is top-heavy and she does not really handle well at any sort of “high” speeds. I am not used to going slow. When it comes to speed limits, I am a five-over kind of guy. I was born in a hurry. But driving Matilda becomes a chore, unless I slow down. 90 kph is her best, fast speed. She’ll do over 100, but I really need to keep both hands on the wheel. So as we travel across Oz we’ll be doin’ 90 a lot of the time and that is okay. It has to be. And I am grateful that I can adapt to that. I did today and it felt pretty good. 

And going slower makes seeing the birds easier! As we were ambling along a little flock of about a dozen Budgies flew across in front of us (they were faster than us). They were life birds for me, so I pulled Matilda over on the shoulder to watch them fly. There was a picnic area just ahead and I drove into there, hoping to see the Budgerigars again and maybe grab a photo. There was a large, brown bird by a puddle near the tables. Spotted Bowerbird! Another lifer! I had the camera out and was able to snap a couple of photos before it flew off. I am very grateful!! 

Lynn made and posted the eBird list, as she does for us, and I am really grateful for that as well. This sighting was considered rare and "unusual for this area." So when we got to Cobar, I posted two photos of the Spotted Bowerbird into the listing. 

Spotted Bowerbird! Tick
Out of focus, but you can see the pinkish-purple spot on its nape so I included this one in the eBird listing (and you an sort of see it in the top one too, if you already knew it was there).
Yes, there will be some version of Lifer Pie in my future. Here are some of the other birds we saw as we traveled a bit more slowly on the highway today. I am grateful.
Mr. Cockatiel in amongst it.
Ms Cockatiel 
Chestnut-crowned Babblers, I love Babblers.
Chestnut-crowned Babbler and lunch.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.