Gratitude For Safe Travels

Yesterday and today are what I used to call when I was touring, “road days.” Days of getting from point A to point B on the way to point C or D or whatever. We drove from Waikerie, SA to Broken Hill, NSW. We also stopped in Mildura, VIC where we did some shopping at a couple of places. So the drive took most all day. But I just realized, we were in 3 states in one day! I am grateful.


We were driving from Mildura to Broken Hill, which is about 300 kilometers of absolute nothingness (but good bitumen road). The speed limit is 110kph and Matilda is not comfortable doing much over 100. She is the very definition of “built for comfort, not for speed.” About a third of the way to BH, we were passed by a small group of middle-aged motorcyclists with colorful three-wheelers and little trailers and such. Maybe fifteen minutes later, I notice a huge column of red dust rising by the road ahead and I thought, “One of them has wrecked.” Yep.

We arrived on the scene and a huge golden bike with a trailer was upside down, stuff was strewn everywhere and the other bikers were gathering around. There was one guy on the ground, conscious, but definitely injured. Lynn started down the embankment as another woman ahead of her ran in saying, “I’m a nurse!” Lynn was going to assist if need be, but it was just a matter of keeping the guy lying down and quiet. There is no mobile service there and a couple of other vehicles took off toward Broken Hill to try for signal. We tried our CB radio to no avail. We headed on and a few kilometers up the road, we met one of the others who had successfully reached emergency services on his mobile. And for us, that was the end of that. I am so very, very grateful for every day that we travel (and live) safely.

Further up the road, two beautiful Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos were feeding in the scrubby stuff just off the highway. Those were life birds for Lynn on Monday! I snapped a couple photos as they flew off. I love the Pink Cockatoo… I am grateful.

They did not raise their amazing crests, but look at that underwing!!

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.