Short, Easy To Read, And Has Pictures

I am famously ADHD. I even wrote and recorded a song regarding this called, “ADD Cowboy.” When I am reading, I hate long paragraphs and long lists. As I said yesterday, I write this blog for “me.” It is my own exploration, but sharing is a part of it. In a message to a dear friend, I summed up the style of this blog with one phrase.

"Short, easy to read and has pictures."

If you are interested in following my journey (metaphorically and literally) as we travel around the whole continent of Australia over the coming year, please stay tuned here. I will always connect Facebook to the blog, but I may stop "double posting" it. We will see.

I am grateful for this social networking that allows me to share this exploration of living gratitude. I will share my hopes and fears, my joys and occasionally my disappointments on this journey. I will always write from my heart. These posts are me, and I learn more about myself as I write them. “Genuine” is a word that I love. Above all things, my desire is to live genuinely… to learn, to progress, and to share my journey from my heart. I am, and will continue to be, grateful.

Here is a last look at the planning table, before I begin packing it up. Once again I will say, Great Adventure indeed! I am so very grateful!

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.