The horizontal, golden, morning light shines “lightdows” into the trees behind the house and yet there’s a soft rain falling at the moment from an unseen cloud overhead. The forces and events that mold, shape and guide our lives are not always visible to us. Our abilities to change, grow and adapt keeps us in process, keeps us alive. I remember hearing Dylan’s line, “He not busy being born is busy dying” when I was twelve years old and I got it. The lyric spoke to me at that young age. I am grateful.

We are less than two weeks from our departure for “The Far Side of the World,” as it was referred to by Patrick O’Brian and others… “The Land Down Under,” as it was referred to by Men At Work and others, or just Oz, as many people call it these days. That is a play on the abbreviation AUS, but fitting as it is certainly far, far from Kansas. It has Flying Foxes rather than Flying Monkeys, but it is truly another land. The pre-packing has begun.
I have read the Patrick O'Brian series many times. Rereading them is like visiting with old friends.
We will be spending the majority of the coming year in Oz traveling. And most of that traveling in Matilda, our little Toyota Hilux motor home. Yes, it is small and we must limit our belongings. This is difficult for a man who has at least 30 “favorite” t-shirts. But it will all get sorted and when we arrive, what will fit will fit, and what won’t will be stored. The Great Adventure will begin the end of this month and I am so grateful.

I have over a dozen PRBY Apparel t-shirts alone. This is pre-packing sorting. All will be well.
Our little Matilda, tucked away in Torquay awaiting our return. She has her new solar panels on the roof.
This blog will follow our travels as it follows my life. My search for gratitude in living will continue and I will share it here. I truly enjoy sharing. I always have and I reckon I always will. For those who are interested, you are invited to read along as we go. There are some of you who will already be wherever we are; so secure are your places in my heart. I am grateful for you all and I look forward to sharing this coming year (and more) with you. Great Adventure indeed!

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.