Non-Alcoholic Beer

There are those who think of non-alcoholic beer as silly. Even I have referred to is as, “All of the taste, none of the euphoria.” But a good NA beer is tasty, enjoyable and a drug free experience. Those of us who are recovering alcoholics can safely have a nice, social drink. I do not recommend NA beer to the newly sober. I did not drink it until I had been sober for quite some time. For many years now, I have not associated that taste with that “buzz,” and for that I am very grateful.

By the way, O’Doul’s should not exist. It is grossly tasteless and since it is made by Anheuser Busch, it is available almost everywhere. To me, it demonstrates that a restaurant really doesn’t care. They just carry what is cheap and easy. And yet, there are so many good ones that are available. I prefer Beck's, but also very good are: Clausthaler, St. Pauli Girl, Buckler (which is available a lot in Louisiana) and Kaliber to name a few. I can get Beck's NA right here at our local grocery in Manteo, and I am very grateful that it is so easily available.

It really does taste good.
The best non-alcoholic beer I have ever had was in 2011 in the little medieval village of Sepulveda in Spain. I was amazed. The Spanish take their beer very seriously and they have no tolerance for drinking and driving. So they have some of the best NA beers going. I wish this brand was available in the U.S.

Where I had the best NA beer I have ever had (and an excellent dinner!).
I wish this was available in the U.S.
So, maybe once or twice a week, I will have an NA beer or two before dinner. One of our favorite restaurants on the beach carries Beck's. I reckon that is one of the reasons that it’s one of my favorite restaurants. I am grateful.

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PS, If you would like to see the bird photos from my trip to Spain in May 2011 they are here: Catalonia and Spain May 2011