Angry Birds and New Vision

Here’s a little gratitude. I am grateful for Angry Birds. Yes, the silly game app that people used to play when they first got their iPhones. I still play it. I have sling-shotted probably millions of birds at pigs over the last years and I reckon I have gotten pretty good at it. I enjoy it and I am grateful.

Tropical Paradise was one of my favorites (of course).

I have mentioned several times recently that I quit smoking about five and a half years ago. Angry Birds has helped with that. It gives me something to do with my hands that is basically mindless while I am waiting, or nervous, or whatever. I will sit and shoot birds at pigs. It works for me and I am grateful for it (but I don’t like the boomerang birds). And the fact that I am a passionate birder and the game is Angry "Birds" is not lost on me.

Of course I am most grateful at present for my new, improved vision and color perception. It really is a modern day miracle. I am still getting used to wearing these readers. After almost 50 years of wearing glasses, it is an adjustment (a good one) to not wearing them. I do keep making the mistake of looking through my readers as if they were regular glasses. I am probably going to get some bifocals with plain glass in the top and I am definitely getting some bifocal sunglasses. I am so very grateful that I live in an age when this kind of corrective surgery is possible.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.