My First and Last Crushes

As a twelve year old adolescent, like most of other boys my age, I was a hormonal powder keg. I was enamored with the mysterious, dazzling, unattainable, opposite sex. No offense to Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and other classic sex symbols of the era, but I found my first real crush in the National Geographic. My young boy-brain exploded over the blonde hair, khaki shorts and beautiful face of a lady working with chimpanzees. Yes, Dr. Jane Goodall pretty much set the bar for what I considered beautiful for many years to come. My first crush was a good one! I am grateful.

My first crush at work.
And she worked in nature, in the magical, mystical jungle! The hell with Tarzan or Jungle Jim, I liked Jane and she was real! Possibly part of my fascination, love and obsession with the natural world came from Dr. Goodall’s workplace. And I did, and do take her work seriously. She was a hero as well as an object of my affection, brilliant and beautiful. And as most of you are aware, she is amazing to this day. There are very few people of whom I am in awe, and she is way up near the top of that short list. Yes, I am very grateful for Dr. Jane Goodall. the Jane Goodall Institute

And... she had binoculars! Could this have been a sign?
And then many years later, I found my last crush. She was another beautiful blonde, but no, she was not in the National Geographic, I met her in real life and I am, and continue to be very grateful. 
One of my favorite photos of my wife... no makeup, no posing, I just snapped her photo as she was eating a piece of bread. 
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