Both Eyes Done

Yesterday we went to my eye doctor for my check after the second surgery and all is very well! She was completely happy with my exam and how I am healing (or have healed). I have NO restrictions on my activities and I am at about 20/20+ with my new lenses. That means that my left eye is a 20 and the right is almost as good, hence the + after it. It is better than 25, but not quite a 20. Regardless, I am SO grateful. I do need reading glasses for seeing close and I have ordered bifocal sunglasses. For the first time in over 20 years I will again be wearing RayBan Aviators! Yay! I do love those sunglasses.

That's me in my early 30's... I'm going to have RayBan Aviators just like those again!
Oh yes, I am incredibly grateful for the modern day miracle of cataract surgery and the new lenses! I was just looking at a pair of Common Grackles and reveling in their iridescence and colors! They looked as if they should be called, Blue-shouldered Grackles. I don’t remember seeing that much blue on the shoulder area. I know I could not have seen it before the surgery. My colors had grown too dim, but now they are vibrant! I am deeply grateful!

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.