The Whisper Tube

It just happened to be the day before the Summer Solstice (the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere) that Lynn and I successfully put shades up in the skylights here at the cottage. I did not even think about the date until this morning. Anyway, skylights seem to be a good idea in general. Who doesn’t like the sky? Or light? Put them together and wow! How can you not love Sky Light! Believe me, it is possible.
That is a high ceiling.

After you live with them a while, you find they can be very annoying and will even begin to sadden the colors of your upholstery and rugs. The ideal, but insanely expensive solution, is remote control blinds. However, they are way out of our price range. So Lynn made these shades out of heavy material and I managed to get them into the skylight wells without killing myself. I am grateful.
The lovely morning light that is not blasting down from the skylights!
The best part, other than me not falling off the ladder, was that we were left with a wonderful, long, heavy cardboard tube to play with (the material came wrapped on it). So we now have a “Whisper Tube” to use to tell each other secrets when we need to. Here we are testing it, and it works great! Yes, occasionally couples need to safely whisper secrets to each other and I am grateful.

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