The Little Big Year

These posts are meant (for me) to be an ongoing search for, and exploration of gratitude. I want to post regularly as I have been doing on Facebook, but I do not want to force them. It does me no good to bang-out some quick “I am grateful for my iPhone and I love y’all” post to fill in the day (although I am, and I do). So I look for inspiration as well as the time to write. I usually can find both, if I am just willing to look.

As we begin our travels in a couple of months, I plan to document the Big Adventure on this blog (I must come up with a better name for it. I called it that because it is not a Big Year, but it is Big and it is an Adventure). Maybe I will call it, “Little Big Year” as a nod to that excellent film, "Little Big Man." But any reference to a “Big Year” puts Lynn off a bit as she has seen me in full-birding mode and she is not going to put up with that for a year around Australia. And seriously, I do not want to do a full-on big year either. As far as Oz goes, John Weigel has set the bar 770 where it will undoubtedly remain for many years to come. That was a BIG Year. So in this coming year, I will keep track of my species, but it’s not going to be a Big Year, as I said, maybe a Little Big Year. I guess I have named it after all. The Little Big Year, I am grateful!

I want to show y’all something. I used to collect Ukuleles. Kent Ippolito and I had over 300 together at one point and I ended up with over 200 myself. The fun was in the acquisition, not in the possession. Ebay and the internet in general basically killed that fun and I sold my collection (almost all of it) back in 2010 just as I was getting more seriously into birding. So in some ways, I justify the expense of my good bins, my camera and scope by saying that the old hobby paid for the new hobby.

Here are some photos of what was called the Uke Room at our house in Fredericksburg. There are more, and I think better, photos somewhere. There were certainly more ukes, the walls were filled from floor to ceiling. It was very cool and I am grateful for that time and the fun of finding them.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.