Love Rules

It has been a very good several days. There are always things about which to be grateful and positive. That is the whole point of my blog, but the last few days have had the “good” shining in and illuminating all our lives. The Supreme Court decision on marriage equality sent love vibrations through the world. We are blessed to have dear friends, a married couple, visiting us from New Mexico where they were legally married last year (they are both of the woman type of human). Therefore it was even more special as my world and my friends across the globe exploded in beautiful rainbows and love… love, love, love! I am so grateful.

The idea that anyone could oppose marriage equality baffles and enrages me. It is an issue on which I have no give. If you oppose it, I oppose you and we’re done, and I am grateful to be done with you. This is a time to rejoice that it does indeed feel like the 21st century, at least for a while. No, we are not going to be dragged back into the nineteenth century by bigots, racists and morons. We will continue to make progress through love and love will win! Oh yes, I am grateful!

We have had some excellent birding (see the blog before this one) and some just plain wonderful fun with our friends. I am so grateful that they came to the coast to spend some time with us. And the timing could not have been sweeter!
Our friends having just seen about a dozen Red-cockaded Woodpeckers.
Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.