Hours of Pleasure Per Dollar

Our visiting friends leave today to head back to the Land of Enchantment. That far away state of adobe and green chile, of Kokopelli and conchos has some of our dearest friends within its borders. We have been out there and will certainly go back again someday. But this morning my mind is mostly distracted as I edge toward my first cataract surgery this Thursday. I am absolutely confident in the procedure, but it is a surgery, and it is my eye, and I think I have mentioned a few score of times that I am prone to anxiety.

Therefore I am writing about something this morning to distract myself. It is something that I came up with years ago, and that I believe in, and I live by (no, not Lifer Pie). It is… Hours of Pleasure Per Dollar.

Deciding on what it is appropriate to spend money is incredibly subjective. Best friends, couples and lovers have more disagreement over the proper spending of funds than any other single issue. It can be a difficult topic. I hope that this concept may help with that. Whenever you are choosing a purchase, remember the item’s potential for Hours of Pleasure Per Dollar, or HPPT. I do and I am grateful.

There are many examples of excellent HPPT. I am writing this on one. This is a year old MacBook that I have probably already had over a thousand hours of pleasure with and I will continue to do so for years to come. My Swarovski bins sitting to my left, even purchased reconditioned were quite expensive. I bought them in 2010 and they have given me thousands of hours of pleasure. The same goes for my camera and lens and my scope. These are the purchases that keep on giving. Not to mention our phones! What seemed such a pricey thing back when we started looking at smart phones has become a daily part of our lives, providing us with many opportunities for pleasure. These are all bargain items in HPPT and I am grateful for them.

So when you are deciding on a purchase think of its pleasure shelf life along with the actual price. You may find that the more expensive item is the better deal. I am grateful.
There's some excellent HPPT right there.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.