When I was growing up, I felt that the world was moving toward, evolving. Then in stepped the propaganda greed-machines and slowly, for some folks, what had come to be thought of as common sense began to be twisted into something petty and ignorant. Arrogant ignorance is not something I grew up with. We knew it was out there, the KKK for example, but it was fringe stuff, something far away and unreal for me as a kid. I watched integration beginning and thought, “Well of course. That’s common sense.” The large majority of us knew it was the right thing to do… back then. Can you imagine Fox News covering George Wallace blocking the door of the University of Alabama? Sadly, I can.

Where is the gratitude in this? Well, I am grateful that regardless of politics, I still have a knack for connecting with people of all types and I am grateful that many will connect back. I have had genuine conversations with strangers at the grocery. I am grateful for learning to understand the importance of kindness and compassion. I am not always good at it, but I am working on it. I am grateful that I am evolving.

I am very grateful to be a part of a community who think, and love, and care, a community that is also evolving and growing. “The Tribe,” as it is sometimes called, is wonderfully family-like in all the best senses of that word. We care about each other and the earth we live on. I do belong and I am grateful for who we are, and who I am. Who I have become over the years and who I am continuing to become.

I love this photo by Angel Abrue of me singing my songs for some of the Tribe. In a way this photo defines me. If all I ever accomplished was this right here, it really would be enough for me.

Birds. Peace. Earth. Love. Laughter. Music.