Being Open To Gratitude

This is one of those mornings when I have no idea what I am going to be writing about even as I write. The words will either find their own path or not. We will see. They do find it, more often than not, although sometimes they go astray and fade away into the distance without getting anywhere. I am picturing some sort of "word graveyard" where the bleached bones of unused words from unfinished thoughts lie in piles in shimmering sunlight. I imagine this as a desert where mirages of false ideas lead the words toward their eventual demise. I do have a vivid imagination and I am grateful for it. Unless it turns on me.

I am grateful for so many things and yet sometimes, my overriding "feeling" is that of anxiety and insecurity. That has been the case through my life and I suppose it has something to do with my imagination, or my upbringing (I come from worriers) or it might just be my basic wiring. Whatever the cause, I continue to work to overcome it and writing these expressions of living gratitude is a part of that. This morning I will just write a list of things I am grateful for as they come to mind.
Here we go...

Lynn and I sorted how to use credits on Skype telephoning and I was able to call and check on Matilda. We are having solar panels installed and a few other things done and all seems well.

Also using Skype phone, I was able to make the booking for Lynn's birthday week on Norfolk Island. That is going to be incredible.

Our wonderful next door neighbor and his delightful eldest daughter brought us two pieces of cake that she had made. She was wearing her favorite t-shirt, which we brought her from Oz. It has an aboriginal design on it. I love that she loves that shirt.

I had an excellent walk, with a few little run-breaks, around the harbor yesterday morning. I am continuing to walk every day.

Lynn made a shrimp (fresh and locally caught) dish for dinner that was garlicy and incredibly delicious.

Sherry called us on the regular Skype and it was wonderful to see her and chat a bit.

I picked up a package at the Post Office from our dear friend, John. It contained a massive (and currently out of print) Australian road atlas as well as a stack of other maps to help with our planning. I am so deeply grateful for his invaluable support and help with our coming travels.

So there is a list of things just from yesterday for which I am grateful. Any one of them could have been expanded into a whole post in itself. Gratitude overcomes the anxieties, if I am just open to it. I am grateful. 

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.