Two Troopies To Tassie Part Two

I have been gratefully buried in working on the book of the year of travel and birding called, The Year. It will be done in the next couple of months and I am very happy with our progress. My dear friend Lily Kumpe has been instrumental in bringing this project closer and closer to reality.

But I never wrote the second part of the Tasmania blog that I promised a few weeks ago. So here is an admittedly brief second entry, but with a lot of photos.

After the Juan Fernadez Petrel pelagic, Robert and I drove up to the mountains of northern Tassie to spend a couple of nights in a cabin at Mountain Valley Wilderness Holidays. It is beautiful up there with the Black Bluff Mountain backdrop for this idyllic valley setting. It was moving being there. 

It is a private nature reserve and a release area for rehabilitated animals. It is also a wonderful spot to see mammals right in front of your cabin. We did just that. Incredible. Here are some photos.


Tasmanian Devils

Tiger Quolls 
We left the magical valley and spent a bit of time traveling around Tasmania. One of the most beautiful spots, and a free camp, was in Boat Harbour Beach. Have a look...

Robert resting whilst looking for lizards amongst the rocks. 
It was uncharacteristically hot in the northern part of Tassie and after a stay at Narawntapu National Park, we went south for a night in Port Arthur. After that, I rolled up the east coast where I found another wonderful free camp in Lagoons Beach. 
Narawntapu National Park
Port Arthur cooler camping

The above three photos were at the free camp.
Spiky Bridge near Swansea

Then the next night I took a spot with a beautiful view at a caravan park. It was only 10 minutes from the ferry dock from which I would leave the next morning. Robert and I had another comfortable crossing and I am grateful.

In keeping it real, whilst in the wondrous land down under the land down under, I also dealt with some of the darkest depression that I have ever experienced. I am working on dealing with, repairing and healing my anxiety and depression. I am certainly better right now.

I will remain a work in progress for the rest of my days, and progress is the goal. If it is ten steps forward, nine steps back, that is still moving forward. It is progress. I wish you all joy and peace. I hope that in this world, seemingly gone insane at times, you can find that heart-opening activity, or places, or person, or persons who can touch your hearts with joy, peace, and healing. Look for hearts. Feed your souls. Live.
Sending much love from back in Victoria.