We Are Moving To Australia (Want To Buy A House?)

Yes, we are moving to Australia full stop. We did this once before, but there were some difficult and unexpected problems and we ended up back in the USA. That was a blessing in part because Lynn (and I as well) was able to spend a lot of time with her father. Not long after we had returned, we found out that he was terminally ill. Lynn was able to take a very active roll in his care. It truly was a blessing (and I try not to over use that word). She was able to be with him until the end.

We returned to Oz and made the decision to do the massive year of travel and birding and keep our Permanent Resident Visas. With our visa requirements satisfied, we prepared to return to the US for a while, but then we found a house in Victoria that we could “afford.” We have found a tiny, one bedroom house that is... 2 minutes from the railway station, 2 minutes from good grocery stores, 5 minutes from the Avalon Airport, 5 minutes from the WTP (yes, the world famous birding location also known as the Poo Farm), 10 minutes from the You Yangs Regional Park, 5 minutes from Serendip Sanctuary and close enough to our kids and grandkids. It is a wondrous location, but as I said, it is very small house. We will be getting rid of a LOT of stuff.

So we are selling the House Between the Sandbar and the Swamp in Manns Harbor, NC. Our incredible cottage that is only 2 minutes from Alligator River NWR (the swamp) and 10 minutes from Nags Head’s beach (the sandbar). We renovated it just over two years ago. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 reading loft, bamboo floors, new stainless appliances and an enclosed porch with a breathtaking view of Croatan Sound. I will be adding more photos in the coming days. We also have an excellent generator that powers the majority of the house should the electricity go out. This is an ideal little house. I. Love. It.

Our US Prius in the driveway.           
The wonderful porch (one end of it anyway).
Living room into the kitchen 
The new shower in the bath off the master
Five minutes down the road (and there are bears there too!)
Bears in Alligator River NWR... just down the road.
The guest room
Sunset crossing the old Manns Harbor bridge.
The view from where I sit every morning when I am here.
If I were going to live in the USA, I would want to live nowhere else. I love this house and coastal NC. But we are going to be living in Australia… Parrots, Grasswrens, Fairy-wrens and Universal Healthcare… I will be coming back to you. I am coming home.

Peace. Love. Birds.