It. Is. For. Sale.

Click the link above. It is official and listed. The house between the Sandbar and the Swamp is now on the market. My real estate agent has told me that she does not think most potential buyers would care for that description. It seems that “Swamp” is not a good word for some folks, but as I told her, my kind of people like swamps. Hell, birders love sewage works! But there are no sewage works near this cottage. It is located in Manns Harbor, NC between the Outer Banks Beaches (the Sandbar) and Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge (the Swamp). It is beautiful here. I absolutely love it, but we are moving to Australia and so we have to sell it.

The view of the water is phenomenal. It is a panoramic view of Croatan Sound without the worry of maintaining a bulkhead (we are one “lot” back from the water) or flooding. This property has not flooded. For example, hurricanes: Irene, Floyd and Matthew which caused major flooding in many of the surrounding areas of Dare County, never pushed water into this yard. It is a just a bit higher than the surrounding properties. This was a comfort during the recent Hurricane Matthew from which we suffered no damages.

The house also has a new (2013) propane-powered generator that runs all the essential parts of the home. During the recent hurricane, the power went out at 4:30 Sunday morning, the generator automatically came on and we had electricity until mains power was restored 36 hours later (and it used only about 10% of our propane).

The predominant trees here are lovely Live Oaks. There are no pines in, or around, our yard. Pines, as you may know, are weaker and tend to break-off or blow down in storms. We are indeed nestled amongst sturdy trees and it is a very birdy place.

The cottage is about ten minutes from downtown Manteo, ten minutes from the Nags Head beaches, fifteen minutes from a Fresh Market and Food Lion, fifteen minutes from the OBX Hospital and twenty minutes from Harris Teeter. You get the idea. We are close to the beach area and all its amenities, without the cost, or the hassle. It is (to me) an ideal place to live. If I were not moving to Australia, I would want to stay right here.

Again, here is the link to the MLS Listing. It has a lot of photos and gives a very good look at, and into, the house. Please have a look... The Cottage Listing

And please do feel free to share the link or this blog with any friends who you think might be interested in the cottage. I would love for birders to live here. It is such a special place.

Wishing you joy and peace from this very drawing table. I truly will miss this view.

Peace. Love. Birds.