Pink Robin Yard Bird

It’s been a week since my last blog entry. I have had my 63rd birthday, a happy one spent with family. I have continued to battle with this cold-ear-throat-chest thing and I am better. I’ve done several doctor visits. I have nasal sprays, pills and I have had lots of rest, a gross amount of rest. To quote an old AA saying, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. But as I said, I truly am better. To my American friends, this is not really unusual for an Aussie “bug.” These things here often run for weeks at a time. I am just very grateful that I am getting much better and that I remained healthy (excepting the eye issue) throughout our year of travels.

About a week and a half ago, as we were getting in the car here in Torquay, I saw a robin in the bushes. I just caught a glimpse of it, but enough to recognize it as a probable female Pink Robin. I pished and she popped out for a quick, bare-eyed view. Yep, pretty sure it was a Pink Robin. I thought I saw her again a few days later as well, but I still was not positive.

Saturday morning, I took the camera out for a look around. I pished a bit by those bushes and sure enough, she popped up for a proper look and some photos. I saw my lifer Pink Robin (a female) several years ago at Point Addis, about ten minutes from here. I saw (and showed others) that robin a few times. I am very pleased to have such a sweet bird in the yard here at my son’s house and I hope it hangs around. I am grateful.

The lovely female Pink Robin 

It is also Father's Day here in Australia. I was delighted to get a second present (the first were the tickets to Delilah's school show). Here is my new mug from my grandchildren and the sweet bag that it came wrapped in. I am very grateful.
I hope to write another blog entry before we leave for the US on Thursday. If I have time, I certainly will. I am very much looking forward to seeing my friends and loved ones in the US, but I am quite sad to leave my adopted home (and Troopi). We plan to return early-ish next year. I will tell y’all all about the plans and things soon. I will also be working on the book of our amazing year. I know I will have some jet-lag time coming to me in NC and I hope to get some writing done. I am grateful.

Peace. Love. Birds.