Back In FNQ

We took about ten days to travel from the Centre across Queensland to the coast and up here.
Not exact, but pretty close...            
Troopi in the palms at Crystal Creek, one of our very favorite caravan parks and where we picked up Australian Swiftlet for the year list that morning.
I am now sitting in one of my favorite places in the world. I am writing this from Kingfisher Park Birdwatcher’s Lodge in Far North Queensland, or FNQ as it is called. I truly love this place. And the people who run it are wonderful. Andrew who purports to be a grumpy guy, but is a very nice, as well as a very funny man, and his lovely wife Carol who is also very nice and a lot of fun. We spent a week here last September/October Kingfisher Part One (and be sure to read the other parts too) and LOVED it and got a ton of incredible birds! This time it is more of just a visit and chill for a bit. This place relaxes me and I am grateful.

We did get to do the Lifer Selfie thing Wednesday morning. We were in Cairns to go to Cattana Wetlands to look for Pale-vented Bush-hen. It is one of the few birds up here that would be both a lifer and a year list bird for us and they had been reported there on eBird. Tuesday arvo we checked into an insanely crowded caravan park in northern Cairns and then drove over to the wetlands.
We walked in and in less than 15 minutes we were listening to a Bush-hen. We then spent over two hours listening to it (I even recorded a little of it). It was calling from the dense reeds right in front of us (seriously less than three meters away). And then… I finally glimpsed it. There was movement in the reeds, a little color and a “rail-shape” from where the call had been coming. Lynn worked her way into where I had been standing and a bit later she got a little better glimpse of the bird. Heard and seen, that is a tick! Although not what I would call the most “satisfying” looks, I am 100% satisfied that we got the bird. I am grateful.
Where the Bush-hen was... 
Still hoping for a better look, Lynn and I were back there just before sunrise Wednesday morning. It was still there, same call, same place. This time after an hour or so, I worked my way a meter or two into the reeds. As I did this, the Pale-vented Bush-hen flushed and flew almost over Lynn’s head, giving her great views, although not so much from my vantage point. Regardless, I am very grateful. We got a tough bird.

Early morning listening, and watching, and waiting, and looking, and listening, etc and so on
Over Lynn's left shoulder, deep into the reeds behind that palm-looking thing is where the bird was.
So I am here at Kingfisher. We just had a wonderful meal at the pub. I had Lifer Pie in the form of a Brownie with ice cream and I am a happy boy and I am grateful.

Peace. Love. Birds.

RB Life List: 659
Lynn Life List: 640
Couple’s Year List: 622