Meeting of Two Oceans

For those of you playing along at home, I have made two maps roughly showing our route for the first month from Torquay, VIC, to here in Augusta, WA. I did not include every stop, as Google Maps has it limitations. You can only add so many places before it won’t let you put in any more. But I reckon this captures the flow of it pretty well (note the stretch from Madura, WA to Perth for our Triple Twitch). So far it has been about five thousand kilometers of awesome traveling, some phenomenal places and scenery, and some sweet birds. I am grateful.

We’ve been down to look at the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse here a couple of times. The Rock Parrots have not been home lately. They are known to hang out on the grass of the lighthouse grounds, but according to the caretakers, they have been missing for a couple of weeks. We saw Rock Parrots back on Kangaroo Island, but we’d love to see more.

There was a novel written about a fictitious lighthouse based on this real one. It is called, “The Light Between Oceans” and Lynn had read it about four years ago. She said she never dreamed she would actually be here. Spielberg has made a movie of the novel, but he filmed it in New Zealand, not here (exchange rates rule). The real (and fictitious) lighthouse marks the point between the Southern Ocean and the Indian Ocean, hence the name of the novel.
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse (I certain could have chosen a better angle for the photo, there is no ocean in it).

Rocks at the edge of the Indian Ocean
We have had three nights here, pausing to catch our breath a bit. Something I am not good at, but I know we need. Yesterday, Lynn was able to spend much of the day sitting in the shade overlooking the water and reading. She loves that. I wonder what book she was reading, and if one day we are going to end up where it takes place. Who knows.

But for today we head slowly along our way north toward more awesome places and wonderful birds. I am so deeply grateful.

Birds. Peace. Love.