Lincoln National Park, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

We are learning as we go. One of the things we are learning is to take our time more (and that dew can be wetter than you might think). Anyway, we are learning a lot. We could have headed on west to get further on our way, but we decided to go south and stay a night at the Lincoln National Park. We are glad we did. I am very grateful.

We had a ridiculously beautiful campsite overlooking the water with lots of birds and kangaroos (wallabies? I have to get better at my mammals). We had Ringnecks (Port Lincoln Parrots) in the campsite with us. We had Fairy-wrens (Blue-breasted I think) and White-browed Scrub-wrens at our feet. It was a magical place.

One of the most beautiful places we have camped so far.
We left yesterday morning, although in retrospect, we really could have spent another night or even two. Here are some more photos.
I reckon it was his beach.
Dusky Woodswallows 
Phone pic of Australian Ringnecks in our campsite.          
Coming into colour... Blue-breasted I think.

Western Yellow Robin being gorgeous (as they do).
Sacred Kingfisher in good light by the campsite. How good is that?
Port Lincoln Parrot (Australian Ringneck) at my feet early yesterday morning. 
Southern Scrub-robin... I love me some Scrub-robins! 
We were looking at Fairy-wrens when this gorgeousness emerged from the bush. I was not expecting it, although I knew they were there. What an lovely bird they are. 

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.