Halfway Across Australia

We thought that the campsites on the water in Whyalla would have a beautiful view (they did) and a nice breeze off the gulf. We did not imagine sustained winds of 35 kph gusting to well over 50 kph for hours on end. We did not like it and decided to depart yesterday morning since the winds were forecast to do a repeat performance in the coming days. That was one uncomfortable wind.

We left the caravan park at sunrise (before packing away the tent and stuff), to make the short drive to Whyalla Conservation Park. We had hopes for the Western Grasswren. We bumped our way in, parked Troopi off the track and began birding. Before we had walked 50 meters, our hopes were answered. A lovely little grasswren perched up in a bush for brief looks and a few quick photos. I got to say a phrase I love to say, “There’s your bird!” Oh, what a feeling. I am grateful. Oh yes.

Western Grasswren!

We went back to the caravan park, packed up and checked out. We decided to head over to Kimba, SA. Its claim to fame is that it is considered officially (they have a sign and all), Halfway Across Australia. I had no idea.
Internet photo... we did not stop and take a photo. Although we might stop at the Big Galah and take one on the way out this morning.
On the way, we detoured up to Lake Gillies Conservation Park. We had a few looks around, but mid arvo is not prime birding time. We did see a few birds and we got lovely looks at the Port Lincoln Parrot (a subspecies of the Australia Ringneck). Then on the way back out to the highway, we stopped to look at a few Woodswallows and then… I saw a Rufous Treecreeper! The second tick for the day! There were two and I was able to grab a few photos from the side of the road. I've always loved the name, "Rufous Treecreeper." It sounds like a blues singer or something, and now I have beheld the bird. I am so grateful.

Western Ringneck, or Port Lincoln Parrot
Crested Dragon (Bicycle Lizard) cool as...
Rufous Treecreeper!

Our “Lifer Pie” was supper at the Hotel in Kimba. It was good F and C, but really not better than the little food-truck in Port Germein and cost twice as much. It’s the ambience mate.

It is now 10 February and we are Halfway Across Australia. I am grateful. Stay tuned, there is much more to come.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.