We are "roosting" for a bit in an amazing space. We are house-sitting for friends here in Torquay, Victoria. Their home is one kilometer from our son’s house where we get our mail and store our extra stuff. So it is amazingly convenient. It is also one of the most comfortable, positive feeling spaces in which I have ever been. We will be living here through the end of January and I am so grateful!

I will only post a couple of pics because I don’t feel that it is appropriate to share a bunch of photos of someone else’s home on the internet. Here is a shot in the main lounge room. Things here are wood and glass, and fabric and stone. Things are real. There are books and comfortable nooks, curving walls and sliding doors, extra beds and extra pillows, and a massive deck across the back that connects it all. Our friend is a wonderfully talented woodworker and he built this house himself. There are sections on which he is still working. As with the best homes, I imagine this house will remain in process, changing with their lives. I am grateful to have had a small part in the lives of these wonderful people and to have this chance to share in their space.

Here is the long dinner table that of course, our friend made. It is a beautiful table and it is so nice for my ADHD brain to be able to spread out again to look at books and things. I love this house! I am grateful.

Speaking of ADHD, here’s a quick birding update: The most recent new bird on our year list was this Broad-billed Sandpiper on 8 January. That puts the list at 479 since 20 August (my Australian life list is now 560 with the Paradise Shelduck, and Lynn’s is now at 522).
Broad-billed Sandpiper 
Paradise Shelduck photo by Mike Carter.
PS, As I was finishing writing this, a white morph Grey Goshawk flew across the yard over the workshop behind the house. Man, I love this place.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.