More Tassie ~ I Love This Place

We are back with our friends Anne and Graham, and their son, Tim in Hobart (Lindisfarne). It is wonderfully comfortable here and I am grateful for their company, hospitality and accommodation.

Here are some more photos from Tassie.
Freckled Ducks 
Green Rosella and lunch 
It's so fuffy I'm gonna die! (Despicable Me reference). 
Pink Robin fluffiness 
So gorgeous

Bushtit... great name and great bird. 
Grey Teal 
Beautiful Firetail

Watched a flock of Swift Parrots in Adventure Bay on Bruny Island

Little Penguins on the Neck at Bruny Island.
Sooty Oystercatcher and Pied Oystercatcher Tasman Peninsula
Yesterday we had a fantastic time driving to the southwest with Anne and Graham. We were able to add two more to the “Couple’s Year List” (it’s now at 461 since 20 August). We also did some sightseeing along these truly beautiful landscapes. We had originally planned to have a lot more time in Tassie, but we will return! I am grateful!
Southwest National Park gorgeousness

Lake Pedder           
Pink Robin Mount Field NP eating lunch. 

Not into having its photo made, but this was a gorgeously marked Crescent Honeyeater.
Yellow-wattlebird in our friend's backyard.


Russell Falls, Mount Fields NP
I had not mentioned it, but on Bruny Island last Thursday, Lynn and I were forced off the road by an oncoming SUV. In Australia, there are often times when you are sharing what is basically a one-lane road. You slow and move to the left, they slow and move to the left until everyone clears each other. This vehicle did not move and continued hurtling toward us without slowing. I inched as far left as I could and at the last minute had to move a bit further to avoid sideswiping them and sideswiped a metal post. It tore off the side-view mirror and destroyed the door handle, as well as denting and scraping the side of the Prius. As far as we know, the other vehicle never even looked back. I am grateful that it was not worse than it was. I was able to re-attach the mirror and I am grateful for that as well. We will deal with the insurance and repair when we return to Victoria. All will be well.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.