First Night In Troopy, Wish Us Luck...

About twenty-five minutes back down the road from here, we stopped and beheld the Giant Koala. I took its photo, although as you can see, it is a bit underwhelming.

Yes, there it is. Hard to believe it's not real...
We are in a little caravan park in Horsham, VIC on our way to Kangaroo Island for a week. This is our first night camping in Troopy, or Matilda Two, or Matty. She will probably end up most often being referred to as, “Troopy,” but she is still a she. A tough, strong, female vehicle named, Troopy. We are slowly adjusting to the much smaller living area. As I write this, Lynn has banged her head four times today in here (always on the same spot… it has begun to bleed a little). Matilda One had a proper door, but one climbs in and out of Troopy and that takes some getting used to. I reckon we will get used to it and I am grateful.
That's me back in there.
This is just a short blog. I wanted to post something from inside Troopy for the very first time. Before we put the upper bunk out, I have a semi-comfortable work-station in here. Lynn has yet to find her comfort spot. As she does, we will adjust as need be. I am sure we’ll both find a way to hang out inside with some degree of comfort. Right now, she’s outside in a chair by the outdoor table. We will see how tonight goes (low of 9 C or 48 F, yes this is summer). I will keep y’all posted.

After K.I. we will be house sitting back in Torquay until the end of January, but I reckon this is the official beginning of our next stage of travel. I am grateful. Although Lord knows there are some things that I will be missing with all my heart.

PS, Lynn is still asleep, but as far as I can tell we survived the night! I am having coffee (instant- dealing with the press seemed a bit ambitious for the first morning making coffee under the bed, so to speak). It's chilly out, but surprisingly warm in here. It is about 48 F outside, but I am mostly comfortable in a t-shirt and lounge shorts. The high today should get to the mid to upper 80's F, such are summer temperatures inland.
Cheers from under the bed...

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