Iron Range ~ Part Three: Yellow-billed Kingfisher and Other Delights

I began writing this part Saturday evening and I was fiddling with photos and even had a bit of internet there at the cabin. We had had another full day of birding and I got two life birds: Yellow-legged Flycatcher and Trumpet Manucode. Sweet! (I did get a photo of the flycatcher on Facebook too).

I am a Yellow-legged Flycatcher! Rejoice!
Trumpet Manucode, cool bird, weird name.
And now it is Sunday evening, 11 October and the lifer today was the White-eared Monarch, a lovely bird that mostly flits about the canopy and had so far eluded us (although I will admit that more “flash” birds had gotten chasing priority). I am grateful.
White-eared Monarch up in the tops.
Later on, we went “terning” up at Chilli Beach to get some that were missing on the year list and the list is now over 340. Since we were up there, we had a scrumptious lunch again at the little café in Portland Roads with the excellent local seafood and the breathtaking view. I am very grateful.
One Black-naped Tern over the rocks... there were lots of terns, but I like the rock in this photo.

There had been a particular bird that had eluded us for the week. And it eluded us in an especially frustrating way; we heard it and could not find it. I am not the greatest birder, or even close, but I will put my pattern recognition skills up against most and I could not find this bird! And I really wanted to see it. This morning, Lynn and I heard one yet again. We spent two hours searching an area of rainforest not much larger (foot-print wise) than a 7-11 store. Two hours! It would “trill” about once every ten minutes or so and we would frantically try and ascertain where it was… above, to the side, behind, in front… where was that bird! And then finally, finally… Lynn said very quietly, “I am on it.” It sounded almost as if she could not believe it. I looked where she was looking and this amazing little bird materialized out of the foliage. We were looking at the Yellow-billed Kingfisher. Joy. Joy indeed. I am grateful.

The incredibly elusive (for us), Yellow-billed Kingfisher

Elusive and insanely cute.
Persistent and insanely cute... the finder of the Yellow-billed Kingfisher!
As a surprise "ending" to our trip, on our last evening we went for a wonderful boat ride up the Claudie River with our new friend Cal Thomas. He showed us Spotted Whistling ducks, although it was very dark and difficult to see them, we did! And as we began our journey down the river, I did get some excellent looks (no photos) at my lifer Great-billed Heron. I am grateful!

Cal launching the boat. He kept an eye on the river, there are crocks.
She may have been pointing to the Great-billed Heron.

Birds. Peace. Love. Earth. Laughter. Music.