Love My Reading Glasses

Right now I am sitting here wearing my old “regular” glasses (my favorites) with bifocal lenses. There is a tiny astigmatism correction in the right eye, but without glasses I am still 20/20+ for distance now. As I mentioned previously, my eye doctor checked me over last week and is completely happy with everything about my cataract surgeries. I am grateful, oh so very grateful.

I had a standard outpatient procedure this past Tuesday and was given the all clear on that this morning. And I have been dealing with an ongoing issue that is nothing to worry about (seriously, it’s not anything serious) just a part of getting a bit older I reckon. But in general I am truly just fine. I really am, and I am grateful. These are gratitudes that I should not take lightly.

Yes, we know I am a worrier; I am prone to anxiety. I have had a rather anxious several weeks as these various things have gone on. Now that I am mostly on the other side of these worries, and all is well, I need to embrace that gratitude and to let it fill me as much as I can. I would like to be filled with at least as much gratitude as I was with anxiety, but that is rarely the case. However I am, and will continue to be, working on getting better at that. I am grateful.

Speaking of gratitude and seeing… Sometime early in 1998 Lynn and I were in Orlando having dinner with Ian Gillan and Roger Glover at Roger’s place. Ian had just gotten some reading glasses. I really liked them and I complimented him on them. He insisted on giving them to me. I have used them as my bedside reading glasses to this day (I have had the correct lenses put in them as my eyes changed over the years). I still love them and they remind me of my buddy. I am so grateful.

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