First Eye Done

I am sitting here where I normally sit when I write in the US, at my drawing table overlooking Croatan Sound. When I cover my left eye, I marvel at the intensity of the colors and the clarity that I can see in this view that I know so well. When I cover my right eye, I see the muted, slightly greenish cast to the colors caused by the cataract that is still in that eye. Oh, I am grateful.
My morning view. I can't see this photo very well right now, but the view itself is wonderful!
I had my first cataract surgery on 2 July. The surgeon and my eye doc said that everything went very well and I am very grateful. They did my right eye first and will do my left eye on 13 July. My distance vision and my ability to see color with that eye are both amazingly improved. It's been less than 48 hours and it takes days or weeks to be completely recovered, but as I said it is a phenomenal improvement. Once I have both eyes done, I will need to wear reading glasses and my close vision will be sorted.

This is only the second morning since the surgery. Until I am able to use reading glasses after the next surgery, working at the computer is straining. I still do it, but it is a strain and I won’t be doing it as much (it is particularly bothersome looking at this bright screen as I write). So there might be a bit less blogging in the coming days. Or not, we will see. Regardless, I am very grateful.

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