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Bruce Picture Random notes...

R. Bruce...
Acclaimed International Performer, 
Entertainer, Singer and Songwriter of Humorous
Also... a Photographer, Writer, Artist, Birder, and Natural
Philosopher who is misplaced in time ("Inside? I am clockworks").
"What do ya do, mate?"
"I write funny songs and sing em."
"Fair enough."

R. Bruce Shows...
WATCH the facebook page... what I am doing will show
up there first! 

Executive producer of my albums, Richard Hubbarth has made
this entertaining little video in hopes Dominoes Pizza might 
want to use the song. Who knows... I think Richard did a good
job on the video! 

R. Bruce says, "Humor? YES! Funny? YES!
But I am finished with the label, "Comedian".
It is through music that my humour has its
voice. My show IS my funny songs. My fans want to
hear my songs and they are why I do what I do.
My songs will have the center stage." 

RB On His Career Strategy:
"I have decided to forgo any large mainstream success
for a good, solid, cult following. So please, get out there
and spread the word. Or not, it is totally up to you."
Also please check out the RB Facebook page for current info and 
whatnot (lots of whatnot). And if you like, have a look at RB's 
photography on flickr (link on the left). 

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